Prayer Of Thankfulness

God, how can I thank you enough for being who you are? How can I praise you enough for your grace and mercy towards me? Thank you for your compassion, thank you that your heart is sad when I cry, and that your eyes are filled with tears when I am broken. No amount of love, acceptance or attention on this earth will ever compare to your love for me. Please don’t let me lean on this world’s love to fulfill me, Jesus. I want your love, the love that never fails, never deceives, and never lets me down. God, I want to lean so much on you that when everything around me crashes, I can stand up strong because you are truly my rock. You are my best friend, the only one who always listens and is constantly loving towards me, even when I am unlovable. Thank you for overcoming this world so that I can, too. I love you, Jesus. Amen.


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