Prayer Of Thankfulness

God, how can I thank you enough for being who you are? How can I praise you enough for your grace and mercy towards me? Thank you for your compassion, thank you that your heart is sad when I cry, and that your eyes are filled with tears when I am broken. No amount of love, acceptance or attention on this earth will ever compare to your love for me. Please don’t let me lean on this world’s love to fulfill me, Jesus. I want your love, the love that never fails, never deceives, and never lets me down. God, I want to lean so much on you that when everything around me crashes, I can stand up strong because you are truly my rock. You are my best friend, the only one who always listens and is constantly loving towards me, even when I am unlovable. Thank you for overcoming this world so that I can, too. I love you, Jesus. Amen.


Freedom In Redemption

When we fail, so many times we fall into the belief that there is no hope for us anymore. We feel like failures, and put our faith in that feeling. We decide to believe the lie that God cannot redeem us, instead of leaning on the truth that there is NOTHING that our God cannot redeem. With this mentality, we become less effective and less powerful for the Kingdom. Faith is about truth, not feelings. Feelings change, because they are fleeting and unreliable. But truth is certain, constant and unchanging. Truth is something that we can confidently place all of our hope in. Knowing this, why would we allow our faith to be wavered by feelings? Why wouldn’t we lean more on truth, knowing that it is deeply rooted and will not differ? Instead, we depend on our feelings to lead us, forgetting the truth about the character of the Lord we serve. Let me remind you. Our God is a redeemer (Job 19:25-27), abounding in mercy (Psalm 145:9) and forgiveness (1 John 1:9), who makes all things new (2 Corinthians 5:17). Your failure does not hold enough power that the all-powerful King will think you to be beyond redemption. Our God is fiercely and forcefully strong for His children, and He is not intimidated by your sin. He knows exactly how to break you from your bondage, which He so humbly proved when He died on the cross with you in mind.